Submission Checklist

The Submission Checklist is also available in Chinese and as a PDF document .

Use our submission checklist to ensure you’ve covered everything you need to do before you begin the process of submitting your article to us.

Does your article meet the aims and scope of the journal you are submitting to? 

Do you know what type of article you wish to submit? 

Have you prepared a PDF of the complete manuscript? 

Do you know the peer review model for the journal you are submitting to? If single-anonymous then your PDF of the complete manuscript will need to contain the names and institutes of authors at the start of the text. Figures and tables also need to be included within the text. If double-anonymous then you”ll need to anonymise your manuscript .

 Is the abstract clear enough for potential reviewers to assess if the article is in their area of expertise? Read our guide to abstracts to help you

Is your article clearly written, concise and accessible? To help with this you can use IOP Editing Services. 

Do you know the names and up to date email addresses and affiliations of all co-authors (if less than 20)? 

Have you listed all references you’ve used? Check our style guide for help and the journal guidelines if you are unsure. 

Have you clearly cited any adapted/reproduced material in your figure/table captions? Any necessary permissions for reused material will need to be obtained before the acceptance stage. 

Do you have any supplementary data/material to include with the submission? 

Have you considered the ethical policy for the journal you are submitting too? If your manuscript contains experimentation involving humans or animals, or containing images of people, you will need to ensure you have obtained the required consent 

Have you considered the research data policy for the journal you are submitting to? 

 Do you have an ORCID iD

If you’ve covered all of the above, you’re ready to submit your article to one of our journals.

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Once you’ve submitted your article you can track it’s progress all the way through to publication using our Track My Article service. You can also track your article on WeChat.