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From 11 September 2017 all submitting authors will need to have an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) identifier (iD) associated with their ScholarOne account.

IOP Publishing is a member of non-profit organization ORCID. ORCID is an independent non-profit effort to provide an open registry of unique researcher identifiers and open services to link research activities and organizations to these identifiers.

What is ORCID?

ORCID is dedicated to solving the longstanding problem that authors’ contributions can be hard to recognize in scholarly communication. This can be due to authors changing name or other authors having the same name. Providing the solution, ORCID has created a central registry of unique identifiers for individual researchers.

For more information on ORCID, visit

Why get an ORCID?

The benefits of having an ORCID iD are that:


It uniquely identifies you and distinguishes you from other researchers


It connects you to your publications, so you canu se your ORCID record as one list of all your published work, to use in funding, grant, job or tenure applications


You can enhance your ORCID record with your professional information and link to your other identifiers, such as Scopus, ResearcherID or LinkedIn


We can include your iD in your published manuscripts, and the publication lists in your ORCID record will then be automatically updated via Crossref (you will need to grant permission to Crossref in the first instance)


If you referee for us and claim credit via Publons, your ORCID record can also be automatically updated (you will need to grant permission for this in the first instance)


You can now use ORCID to create and log in to your ScholarOne and Publons accounts. See our help guide for further details

How ORCID can benefit you


How to get an ORCID iD

We encourage all authors and referees to register for a free ORCID iD, or to associate your existing ORCID iD within your account on our submission system, ScholarOne. To register for your free ORCID iD, go to and follow the instructions.

Once you have added your ORCID iD to your Scholar One account, your iD will be sent with other article metadata for any paper you publish to Crossref. Your ORCID record will then be automatically updated on publication (with your permission). Find out more about Crossref.

ScholarOne now supports login and account creation via your ORCID iD. See our help guide for further details.

How to add your ORCID iD to your Scholar One account

What does it mean for IOP to be a member of ORCID?

As part of IOP Publishing’s commitment to ensuring researchers get full credit for their work, IOP became a member of ORCID in August 2017, when IOP Publishing signed the Open Letter committing us to requiring ORCID iDs in the publishing process for our journals.

IOP’s ORCID integration was awarded four Collect and Connect badges: Authenticate, Collect, Display and Connect. This means we have achieved the minimum standard of implementation, ensuring the collection of ORCID IDs is efficient, adheres to best practices, and reduces the burden on researchers. To find out more about ORCID, visit


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