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Checklist for anonymising your manuscript for double-anonymous peer review

A Chinese language version of this checklist is also available.

We have created a Word template for double-anonymous submissions. This is not compulsory, but may help you ensure your work is fully anonymised.


Do not include author names, affiliations or pictures of the authors anywhere in the manuscript, justification letter, or in any Supplementary Information files.


Do not include any names in any file names and ensure document properties are also anonymised.


Do not include any author names or institution information in the Acknowledgements section of your manuscript. Author names and Funding information should be removed and can be re-added later in the peer review process.


If your submission requires an ethical statement, please do not include this on the manuscript (as it may reveal aspects of your identity). Instead please provide the ethical statement in the section provided on the submission system.


When referring to your own work within the paper or reference list, avoid using terminology that might reveal your identity. Avoid phrases such as 'we have previously shown (reference)'. Instead use 'as previously shown (reference)'. Please anonymise any references to your own unpublished thesis work.'.


At revision do not sign your author response, rebuttals, or appeals with author names.

On journals currently operating double-anonymous peer review you may include author identifying information on your manuscript, but please be aware that we do not edit manuscripts before sending them out for review, therefore you include author information at your own risk and accept that this will be visible to reviewers.

You can also view our Submission checklist to help with your submission(also available in Chinese language)