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Copyright and Permissions

  • Copyright

    The content in our journals is protected by copyright. We offer advice and guidance on everything related to journals copyright, including how it applies to subscription and open access articles, and how to contact us if you have questions.

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  • Reusing IOP published content

    In order to reuse content published by IOP or its partners, you will need to request express permission. The way you will need to obtain this permission depends on what material you wish to reuse, and how you wish to reuse it.

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  • Reusing third party material in new IOP content

    Any time you are using content not original to your article in a work to be published with IOP, you will need to ensure you have the correct permissions.

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  • CCC republication service

    We have partnered with CCC to use their Marketplace to handle permissions requests for some of our journals.

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  • Creative Commons Licenses

    There are a number of different types of Creative Commons licences. These open access licences remove some of the restrictions applied by copyright law, so that content published under them may be used without permission in certain conditions.

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  • STM Permissions Guidelines

    The STM Permissions Guidelines are an agreement between STM Signatory Publishers allowing reuse of small numbers of figures and small amounts of text of one Signatory Publisher in a journal article or ebook published by another STM Signatory Publisher, free of charge. We are a signatory to the Guidelines.

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  • Permissions FAQs

    View of frequently asked questions regarding permissions.

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