Using the CCC Republication Service

IOP Publishing has partnered with CCC to use their Republication Service to handle permissions requests for IOP Publishing owned journals.

A full list of IOP owned journals and partner owned journals can be found at under the Publishing Partners tab.

For more information on how to request permission, please refer to our main copyright page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Permissions team at

There are two ways to easily request permission to reuse content from IOP Publishing owned journals:

1. Go to the web page of the article from which you wish to reuse content.



2. Click ‘Get permission to reuse this article’ to the right of the title.







3. This will take you to the CCC Republication portal, where you can complete details and make your full request. More detailed information about this process can be found here.

  1. Go to and enter the title of the journal  in the search box (‘GET PERMISSIONS’) in the top right-hand corner
  2. Select the correct journal from the list which appears, ensuring that ‘IOP Publishing’ is listed as the Publisher:
  3. This will take you to the CCC Republication portal, where you can complete details and make your full request. More detailed information about this process can be found below. The next page you are taken to is Pay Per Use Options. From here, select ‘Republish or display content’:
  4. Pick the appropriate option for your new work. For example, if you are producing a new article, then choose ‘Journal/magazine’. Then, click ‘Price & Order’. This will take you to the next page, where you can enter information about your intended reuse. If you do not know all the information required, your new  publisher will be able to provide it.
  5. The most important question here is the first: ‘Describe who will republish the content (person or entity)…’. It is important that if you are the original author of the content you wish to reuse, you select ‘Author of the requested content’, regardless of where and how the work is being reused. If you are publishing with an STM publisher, consult the list of STM signatories here to see whether your new publisher is a signatory to the STM Permissions Guidelines: they are, select ‘Publisher, STM’. If they are not, select the type of publisher they most closely reflect from the other options in the drop-down list. The STM Permissions Guidelines permits the use of three figures for free by another signatory.If neither of these circumstances apply, then please select the most appropriate option from the list.For example, you may complete the form similarly to the example below:
  6. Please note: if you are republishing with an STM Publisher, then you will receive a Total Price of ‘TBD’ and the following message:
  7. This means that your order will be forwarded to our internal system to verify the application of the STM Permissions Guidelines. Please click ‘Continue’ and proceed with your order. You will not be charged until you accept the order after it has been checked by the IOP Permissions Team. We aim to respond within two working days, but it is often much quicker. Having clicked ‘Continue’, you will now be taken to a new page, asking you to log in or create an account with CCC. Because the majority of STM publishers use some form of CCC permissions software, creating an account will be useful.You will then have the opportunity to provide some specific details about your new work:
  8. Please complete as many of the fields as you are able. The ‘Publisher of the New Work’ is the most important as we need to know which publisher will be reusing the content. Any other questions you are unsure about can be completed as ‘N/A’, if your publisher cannot provide you with the answer. Next, you will be asked to specify the details of the content you wish to reuse. This is so that IOP Publishing has the exact information about the content you wish to reuse so that your new publisher is granted the correct permission. CCC Republication Service advises that not all fields are compulsory. However, please ensure you complete at least:
    • ‘Title, description or numeric reference of the portion(s)’
    • ‘Title of the article or chapter the portion is from’

    Please see an example below for guidance:

  9. Please continue with your order. You will be taken to your Shopping Cart. There will be an opportunity to enter payment details, though you may not be charged for your reuse. Again, if your price quotation is ‘TBD’ then it will be assessed by the IOP Permissions Team. Please be assured that if a fee is quoted, you will not be charged unless you accept an order. Follow the steps through until you receive confirmation. If you decide to make changes to your order you can do this by clicking ‘Manage Account’ at the top of the screen, and you can see a list of the orders you have made: