Article publication charge pricing and the costs of open access publishing

Open access articles are funded by article publication charges (APCs), which are paid by you, your institution or your funder. These charges apply only to articles accepted for publication and cover the various costs of publishing the article, including editorial and peer review processes; copy editing and production; electronic hosting, archiving and indexing; and related marketing and promotion of published work.

The level of APC is determined by a number of factors. The most obvious consideration is the ratio of accepted article numbers to the total number of manuscripts submitted for review. As only published articles pay an APC, the lower the ratio, the greater the burden that falls on each published article.

These APCs also take into account the labour-intensity and cost of the editorial and production processes employed on each journal. Journals have specific typesetting and copy editing requirements, with some incurring higher per-article costs. Prices also take into account market considerations, reflecting the different requirements of different communities.

Prices are listed in three different currencies and are exclusive of any local taxes that may be due. The most current price list can be downloaded here: 2020 IOP Publishing APC price list. You can use our simple online charging service, but we also accept payment against invoice or a prepayment account for institutions and funders.

Statement of the impact of gold open access publication in hybrid journals on 2020 subscription fees

IOP Publishing offers a gold open access option in more than 60 of our hybrid subscription journals. We published more than 1,400 articles on a gold open access basis in these journals in 2018. We ensure that none of our customers pays twice for access to an article (once through a publication fee and again through a subscription charge) by fully accounting for revenue from publication fees when setting subscription prices.

2020 prices are now available for customers and subscription prices for hybrid subscription journals have been adjusted using the most recent full year of data on article publication revenue (2018). In total, 28 journals had reduced price increases because of publication fees. The subscription rate of two of our journals will fall in 2020 because of the increase in open access articles. The Journal of Neural Engineering will have its price reduced by over 5% and the price of Methods and Applications in Fluorescence will fall by 2.5% in 2020. These price adjustments are being made for all customers.

For more information about IOP’s subscription prices, see the 2020 pricing information.