Policy on adjusting subscription prices to reflect open access publishing

Our customers never pay for an article twice (I.e.once through an article publication charge and again through a subscription charge) as we fully account for revenue from publication charges when setting subscription prices.

2022 prices for journal subscriptions have been adjusted using the most recent full year of data on APC revenue (2020). In total in 2022, 2 journals had reduced subscription prices and 31 journals had reduced subscription price increases due to increases in open access articles and associated publication charge revenue.  Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express had its price reduced by 1.2% and Methods and Applications in Fluorescence had its price reduced by 1.1%.

In addition to these price decreases, Metrologia has its subscription price frozen in 2022 due to an increase in open access content. These price adjustments are made for all customers.

For more information about IOP Publishing subscription prices, please contact your sales representative or subscription agent. Alternatively, you can email customerservices@ioppublishing.org