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Recognition for reviewers

Overview of reviewer recognition

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IOP Publishing is committed to recognising and rewarding peer review. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy as a reviewer:



Article publication charge discount for reviewers

To help recognise the vital contribution our reviewers make to the publishing process, IOP Publishing has a reward programme based on open access discounts. When you review a manuscript for an IOP Publishing journal, you may claim a 10% discount on the cost of publishing a manuscript in any IOP Publishing journal on a gold open access basis. Discounts are valid for two years from the date the reviewer report was submitted, and can be applied to an article processing charge by any co-author.



IOP Trusted Reviewer status

We created IOP Trusted Reviewer certification as a way to recognise the hard work and expertise of our very best reviewers. Our editors rate all of the reviewer reports we receive on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 indicating a review of outstanding quality. Reviewers who score 5 out of 5 achieve IOP Trusted Reviewer status. In November 2022, we reached 10,000 Trusted Reviewers. Click here to read about the 10,000 Trusted Reviewer milestone. Successful graduates of our Peer Review Excellence course will be fast-tracked towards IOP Trusted Reviewer status. We aim to invite you to review as soon as a manuscript becomes available in your field of expertise. For training graduates, the threshold for achieving IOP Trusted Reviewer status is a report rated 4 or 5 out of 5. Over 50% of all Peer Review Excellence graduates go on to get IOP Trusted Reviewer status when they submit a reviewer report.

In 2023, we started awarding IOP Trusted Reviewer status to reviewers who consistently submit good reviews. We would like to thank these reviewers for supporting IOP Publishing and let them know we value the work they do. These reviewers will be eligible for our annual Outstanding Reviewer Awards.



Benefits through Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Service (formerly Publons)

IOP Publishing has partnered with Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Service, a free service which enables you to track, verify and showcase your peer review contributions. This demonstrates your contribution to scholarly communication beyond authorship. You can seamlessly have your reviewer records updated in the Reviewer Recognition Service with the click of a button. You gain recognition even if the manuscript is never published, and only the name of the journal and the year of the review will be displayed, so anonymity is completely protected. To find out more about the Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Service and join over 75,000 other experts committed to reviving peer review, click here.

  • Track your reviews across different journals and publishers.
  • Your profile updates automatically once you have opted in.
  • Get notified when manuscripts you have reviewed are published (even if it was published in a different journal).
  • Compare your reviewing behaviour with others.
  • Track citations and altmetric scores of manuscripts you have reviewed.
  • Sync your profile with your ORCID iD.
  • Use your Web of Science record as support for a green card application.

Please ensure you opt in for Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Service recognition during the review process or claim your review after completion.



Outstanding Reviewer Awards

IOP Publishing is proud to recognise excellence in reviewing, and each year our journal editorial teams select the best reviewers of the year based on the quality, quantity and timeliness of their reviews.

Here are our winners of the 2023 Outstanding Reviewer Awards.


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