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After you have submitted your reviewer report

What happens after you have reviewed a manuscript?

Well done, you have now received a review invitation and submitted your reviewer report . This section will tell you what happens when we receive reviewer reports. You may be interested in the recognition you can receive, now that you have submitted a reviewer report to IOP Publishing.

Your reviewer report, along with those of any other reviewers, will be read by the journal editors who will make a decision on how to proceed. If the reviewer reports agree, the decision will be made to either:

  • Accept the manuscript without any further changes
  • Reject the paper
  • Ask the authors to revise the paper

If the reviewer reports do not agree, the journal may consult an adjudicator. An adjudicator is a senior reviewer or Editorial Board member. They are asked to provide an opinion on both the manuscript and reviewer reports. If an Editorial Board member is used, they may be told the names of the reviewers securely and in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, to help them make their decisions. However, the author will still only see anonymous reviewer reports. The adjudicator may agree or disagree with your assessment of the manuscript.

All reviewers of a paper are informed when the editor makes their decision, and you will also be able to see the anonymous reviewer reports of any other reviewers at this stage. You may be asked to review the revisions, when they are submitted (see Reviewing a revised manuscript).



How our editors rate reviews

Our editors rate all of the reviewer reports we receive on a scale of 1–5, with 5 representing a reviewer report of outstanding quality. Any reviewer who submits a reviewer report rated 5 will achieve IOP Trusted Reviewer status and become eligible for our Outstanding Reviewer Awards. For reviewers who have completed our Peer Review Excellence training, the threshold for IOP Trusted Reviewer status is a review rated 4 or above.

Click here to find out how to write an outstanding review.



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