What green open access options does IOP offer?

Green open access is a term used to refer to the archiving of an Accepted Manuscript in a non-commercial institutional or non-commercial subject repository by the author after an embargo period. This applies to articles published on a subscription basis and does not allow immediate access nor does it allow reuse of the article.

The option to make an Accepted Manuscript available on a green open access basis is available to authors publishing on a subscription basis in all IOP’s wholly owned and partner journals after a 12-month embargo period.

Under the terms of IOP’s self-archiving policy, authors can only deposit the Accepted Manuscript of their article 12 months after publication of the Final Published Version (the Embargo Period). The Accepted Manuscript is the author’s original version of the article, including any changes made following the peer review process but excluding any editing, typesetting or other changes made by IOP and/or its licensors. The Final Published Version may not be deposited.

The embargo period is in place to enable IOP to cover publication costs from subscription and licence charges, as under the green open access model there is no other way to meet these costs.

There are no restrictions on the deposit of the original manuscript (Preprint/Author’s Original) in non-commercial repositories.

Our author rights terms are set out on the author rights page.

If you wish to self-archive your paper, you can do so 12 months after publication. IOP deposits papers in PubMed Central automatically for authors funded by the NIH, unless an author requests otherwise, after the 12-month embargo period.