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IOP Science

Which rights to publish option should I choose?

the basis upon which you are granting the right to publish the copyright in the Article (section C):

where the Article is published on a subscription basis, a standard transfer of copyright will apply (please select this box unless one of the other scenarios below applies), or

where the Article is published on a Gold Open Access basis, a licence to publish will be granted to IOP; or

under Crown copyright – the Article is fully protected by Crown copyright under section 163 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 or any subsequent amendment to that Act, or

under the laws relating to the US Government, or

Other – this should only be selected if you cannot agree to the terms of the agreement.  By selecting this, we will still require you to either re-sign the agreement or another agreement before we can accept the Article.

The Submitting Author should also sign and date the bottom of the agreement.

If you still need help, please email