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Which section of the copyright form is applicable to me?

This FAQ only applies to journals owned by IOP. Copyright forms for journals we publish on behalf of our publishing partners may vary.

Gold open access

If you have submitted the article to a gold open access journal (i.e. a journal that does not offer a subscription option), there will be no need to make a selection as to how you wish the article to be published, as there is no choice. However, you will still need to sign and date the copyright form. Please see our list of gold open access journals.

The Article will be published under a CC BY licence and will be free to read by everyone immediately on publication with no embargo period. By signing the copyright form, you will be responsible for ensuring that the Article Publication Charge is paid in full, unless otherwise agreed in writing with IOP.

Hybrid journals

Hybrid journals offer the option of publishing an article either under the subscription model or under the gold open access model. If you are publishing in a hybrid journal, you will receive a copyright form which allows you to pick which model you wish to publish your article under. In Part 4 of the copyright form, you should select the options that are relevant to your chosen publishing model.

Please familiarize yourself with the terms of the copyright form before submitting it. By submitting the copyright form, you are deemed to have accepted all of its terms.

If you still need help, please email