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What if I do not own the copyright of the article I have written?

If you, as the Named Author(s), do not own the copyright in the Article because, for example, it was prepared as part of your duties as employee(s), and/or as part of a “work for hire” arrangement, please:

warrant you have all the rights necessary to enter into the agreement on behalf of the Copyright Owner, by filling in the full name of the organisation/company who owns the copyright in the Copyright Owner box and entering your name and the date at the bottom of the agreement. (Please ensure that you have made the Copyright Owner aware of the terms of the agreement and that you have their authority to enter into the agreement on their behalf).  If the Copyright Owner requires an authorised signatory to sign the agreement on their behalf, as well as the Named Author, please email the relevant journal team who will provide you with the appropriate form.

If you still need help, please contact