Researchers from Sweden

IOP Publishing (IOP) has an agreement with a number of Swedish universities through the BIBSAM consortium to allow university libraries to manage the cost of hybrid article publication charges (APCs) for open access publishing alongside their annual journal subscription costs.

In this arrangement IOP Publishing will locally offset the bulk of the APC of qualifying articles against the institution’s journal license fees. The majority of institutions in this arrangement will cover the APC costs for their authors directly with IOP.

All IOP and selected partner subscription titles that offer a hybrid open access option are included in the agreement.

How to take advantage of this arrangement

IOP will automatically identify articles that potentially qualify for funding for most institutions, based on the institution of the corresponding author on the paper. The corresponding author will be notified during the peer review process after the first decision phase, and be automatically opted in to open access. On acceptance, we will validate the article with the institution to approve funding. If funding is declined, the author will have the option to find alternate funding or return to a subscription publication. The author may opt out at any time.

If you are at an institution without automatic identification, or you have not been alerted before your article is accepted, you should contact the journal and your university’s open access team to establish whether your APC can be covered by the library.  Relevant contacts for each participating institution are listed below.

Institutions included

Central payment and automatic identification of articles
Chalmers Tekniska Högskola (contact:
Göteborgs Universitet (contact:
Högskolan I Borås (contact:
Karlstads Universitet (contact:
Kungl. Tekniska Högskolan (contact:
Linköpings Universitet (contact:
Luleå Tekniska Universitet (contact:
Lunds Universitet (contact:
Stockholms Universitet (contact:
Umeå Universitet (contact:

Authors need to contact the library for funding
Karolinska Institutet (contact:
Patent- Och Registreringsverket (contact:
Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten (SSM) (contact:
Uppsala Universitetsbibliotek (contact: