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A guide to submitting under a transformative agreement

To see if your institution is covered by a transformative agreement, or to check compliance with funder requirements, you can use the IOPP Journal Finder tool.

Go to IOPP Journal Finder

Alternatively, visit ‘Transformative and institutional open access agreements’ and select the agreement you may be covered by. Each agreement page lists all of the member institutions and eligible journals.

When you are ready to start your submission, follow steps 1-4 on our submission system; ScholarOne.
Note: a small number of eligible journals do not use the ScholarOne submission system.


At step 4 you’ll be asked to enter author information. As the corresponding (submitting) author you’ll need to make sure your affiliation is clearly stated on the submission form. Use the autofill to provide your institution name.

The corresponding author is the author that submits the manuscript, and is responsible for communicating with the journal during the submission, peer review and publication process.



At step 5 you have an option to indicate your preferred and non-preferred reviewers.

At step 6 you can declare any funding you received to do your research.


At step 6 you’ll also be asked for your open access choice. Please be assured that whichever option you choose at this stage, we will always investigate whether you are eligible for funding or if your article is eligible under an institutional agreement. Your selection at this stage will apply only if your article is not found to be eligible.

If we identify that you are eligible for funding or that your article is eligible under an institutional agreement, we will contact you separately to let you know.

If you do not wish to be charged an APC to publish open access, in the event that you are not eligible for funding, we recommend that you select ‘No’ at this stage.

Making your open access choice


During the initial assessment of your article, we will identify if you may be eligible for funding to publish open access. You will receive an e-mail to let you know. The subject line will be: ‘Open access options for your article: article ID’

Some transformative agreements require validation by the institution. If this is the case you will receive a slightly different e-mail, letting you know that we are seeking validation from your library or open access team.

This is what you will receive if your article does require library validation:

Email with validation


This is the e-mail you will receive if your article does not require library validation:

email no validation


Either during the peer review process or once your article has been accepted for publication, you will be asked to sign an open access copyright form to publish under a CC BY licence.

If your article requires validation and the institution approves funding, your article will be published open access under the terms of the agreement. If your funding is declined, your article will be published and available via a journal subscription.

For agreements where no validation is required your article will be published open access under the terms of the agreement.

A small number of our partner journals do not use ScholarOne. For these, the submission process will differ but articles that may be eligible will still be identified for funding and you will receive one of the above e-mails.


Signing your copyright form to publish under a transformative agreement
Watch our short video to find out what the CC BY licence covers, why it’s important, and how to sign it.