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Name change policy

IOP Publishing recognises that people change their name for a variety of reasons (including but not limited to gender identity, marriage, divorce, or a change in religion), and we support our authors’ rights to update their previously published work accordingly.

What kind of changes are covered by this policy?

Changes covered by this policy include names, pronouns, author photographs and email addresses (where the address reflects the name of the person). This policy does not cover changes to correct spelling errors or job/affiliation details.

This policy applies to all content published by IOP Publishing, including journal articles, conference proceedings and eBooks.

IOP Publishing will only consider requests from the author named in the change request. Requests to change the name of another individual without their consent will be considered ethical misconduct (see our ethical policy).

How will changes be displayed?

We respect authors’ right to privacy, and as such we offer authors the option to have their name changed with or without a public notice. The requesting author will have sole autonomy of any public notice. Co-authors will not be notified of any change unless the author explicitly chooses to include a public notice alongside the name change request.

The article DOI will remain the same. The PDF and the HTML of the article will be changed.

IOP Publishing will send updated metadata to indexers and third parties, however we cannot guarantee changes on other platforms or databases. We are unable to update citations to articles in which a name change has occurred.

How to request a change

Authors who wish to change their name on any work previously published with IOP Publishing are requested to fill out this form.

Authors who wish to change their name on work published in the American Astronomical Society (AAS) journals must contact For more information, please visit

Authors will not be required to disclose the reasons for the request, nor will they be asked to provide proof that any name change has taken place. Authors are assured of full confidentiality and sensitivity in relation to any request or related discussion.

Authors are encouraged to update their name and contact information on the IOP Publishing submission and peer review system (more information at Name changes requested through this process will only update names as they appear on published articles. If you would like your personal details changed on other internal IOP Publishing systems, please contact Any authors that are also members of the Institute of Physics are advised they can update their own details via IOPConnect.

Questions related to the policy should be directed to You will receive a response within five working days.