Open Access for CERN researchers

IOP Publishing (IOP) and CERN have established an agreement which enables researchers to publish their work on an open access basis at no additional cost in the majority of IOP’s hybrid journals. The agreement balances the cost of hybrid article publication charges (APCs) against journal license fees for 2020 onwards.

All corresponding (submitting) authors with a primary or secondary affiliation to CERN can publish open access in eligible journals without additional cost, and be certain that they comply to any open access requirement. In addition, it includes articles from any CERN experimental collaboration.

Research articles (letters, papers, and special issue articles) accepted for publication after 1 Jan 2020 are eligible, with review articles and CERN reports considered individually. IOP will automatically identify articles where possible and inform authors of their inclusion in the agreement. Final approval of funding will be made by CERN in line with the criteria above.

Included in the agreement are all subscription journals, owned by IOP Publishing, which offer a hybrid open access option. In addition, the agreement also includes selected journals which are published by IOP Publishing on behalf of our society partners.

Click here for a list of hybrid titles that are eligible.

How to take advantage of the agreement

The following process applies where the corresponding (submitting) author declares a primary affiliation to CERN on the submission form and manuscript.

1. At submission
The corresponding (submitting) author must be affiliated with CERN. When you submit your article please supply your affiliation clearly in the article submission form and in the article itself.

2. At first decision
You will be notified of identification during the peer-review process after the first decision phase, and your paper will automatically be opted in to open access. You may opt out at any time.

3. Upon acceptance
IOP Publishing will validate the article with a dedicated contact at CERN to approve funding. If for any reason funding is declined, you will have the option to find alternative funding or return to publication at no charge on a subscription basis.

4. Publication
All validated articles are published with a CC-BY license at no cost to the author, and comply with any funder mandates for open access.

If you have not been alerted before your article is accepted, please contact the journal to ensure that your work is included in the arrangement. Please note that direct affiliation to CERN is required, and a CERN email address is not sufficient for inclusion.

CERN experimental collaboration papers

There are no barriers to publishing CERN collaboration papers in IOP journals, including Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, as this agreement ensures articles will be open access at no additional charge.

We recognise that authors from all over the world take part in CERN experimental collaborations. If the corresponding (submitting) author is unable to declare a primary CERN affiliation upon submission, please contact the journal and the CERN Scientific Information Service to ensure the work will be included subject to CERN verification.

For articles with CERN Authors where the corresponding author(s) is/are not affiliated with CERN

In this case, CERN authors are invited to contact the CERN Scientific Information Service before submitting their article. CERN is committed to supporting Open Access for those papers as well.

Journal of Instrumentation and other journals

IOP Publishing/SISSA and CERN have an additional arrangement that covers open access publications in Journal of Instrumentation.

CERN authors need to select the CERN open access option or notify the journal staff during the submission process. Authors will not need to sign the copyright form, as CERN research articles are covered by a collective license agreement.

Other IOP Partner journals not included in the eligible journal list such as Astrophysical Journal, Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics or EPL are not yet included in this agreement. However, articles with at least one CERN-affiliated author are eligible for central CERN funding to cover the APC. In case you want to publish in one of those journals, please contact before the submission.


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