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IOP Science

Researchers from CERN

IOP Publishing (IOP) has a transformative agreement with CERN to enable a transition towards open access publishing.

Who can benefit?
All corresponding authors that are current staff members, researchers or students at CERN at the time of acceptance, can publish open access at no cost to themselves. The corresponding author is the author that submits the manuscript and is responsible for communicating with the journal during the submission, peer review and publication process.

CERN experimental collaborations can also benefit from this Transformative Agreement. Inclusion may need to be requested by the author(s) if the article is not automatically picked up through our standard article processing. Please send requests for inclusion to

What’s included?

  • Articles accepted will be eligible for transformative agreement funding to enable authors to publish open access with no cost to themselves
  • Research papers, special issues, letters and review article types
  • Included journals are those in lists A, B, C and D in the title list of eligible journals.

Please note

You may find our author guide for submitting under a transformative agreement helpful located in our Transformative Agreement hub.

For more information or if you wish to publish Open Access in a journal not listed as part of this agreement, please contact

Journal of Instrumentation

  • CERN Corresponding Authors (as described above) will now receive Open Access funding through the Transformative Agreement terms.
  • CERN co-authors can select the ‘CERN open access’ option and notify Journal of Instrumentation of their intention to publish Open Access during the submission process. Authors will not need to sign the copyright form, as CERN research articles are covered by a collective license agreement.