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You can track your article on WeChat too.

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    Browse our titles to see the role it plays in it's community as well as the guidelines for making a submission.

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  • open access

    Fully open access journals

    Fully open access journals make all published articles immediately free to read and reuse without any subscription charges or access fees.

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  • Hybrid open access journals

    Hybrid open access journals are subscription-based journals that allow authors to choose open access at the article level.

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  • Article transfer service

    If we receive an article that is not quite right for a journal, our Editors work with you to help find a more suitable home for your research.

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  • Author rights and article sharing

    Named Authors of articles published by IOP Publishing (IOP) are granted back certain reuse & depositing rights under the copyright form and applicable author rights policy.

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  • Ethical policy for journals

    We take publishing ethics very seriously and accept our responsibility to maintain the integrity of the scientific record as much as possible.

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