Information on proposing and submitting an ebook for publication

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  • Preparing an ebook proposal

    We want to take your ebook idea from conception to reality. We are here to guide you every step of the way.

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  • Submitting your ebook proposal

    The information you'll need to submit your ebook proposal to IOP Publishing. Your ebook proposal and sample materials will be held in complete confidentiality.

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  • Preparing your ebook manuscript

    To help you preparing your manuscript for submission, our Author Handbook provides full guidance to assist you, including artwork and video preparation, copyright and permissions, file formats and manuscript structure, and much more.

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  • Reproducing third party materials in your ebook

    If you wish to include material in your typescript where the copyright is held by others, you must seek permission to do so from the copyright owner. This includes text, illustrations, images, charts, tables, photographs, videos, or other material owned by somebody else.

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