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Japanese Journal of Applied Physics

About Japanese Journal of Applied Physics


The Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) is an international journal for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in all fields of applied physics. JJAP is a sister journal of the Applied Physics Express (APEX) and is published by IOP Publishing Ltd on behalf of the Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP).

JJAP publishes articles that significantly contribute to the advancements in the applications of physical principles as well as in the understanding of physics in view of particular applications in mind. Subjects covered by JJAP include the following fields:

    • Semiconductors, dielectrics, and organic materials
    • Photonics, quantum electronics, optics, and spectroscopy
    • Spintronics, superconductivity, and strongly correlated materials
    • Device physics including quantum information processing
    • Physics-based circuits and systems
    • Nanoscale science and technology
    • Crystal growth, surfaces, interfaces, thin films, and bulk materials
    • Plasmas, applied atomic and molecular physics, and applied nuclear physics
    • Device processing, fabrication and measurement technologies, and instrumentation
    • Cross-disciplinary areas such as bioelectronics/photonics, biosensing, environmental/energy technologies, and MEMS
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