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Applied Physics Express

About Applied Physics Express


Applied Physics Express (APEX) is a Letters journal devoted solely to rapid dissemination of up-to-date and concise reports on new findings in applied physics. The motto of APEX is high scientific quality and prompt publication.

APEX is a sister journal of the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) and is published by IOP Publishing on behalf of the Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP)

APEX publishes articles dealing with the applications of physical principles as well as articles concerning the understanding of physics with particular applications in mind. As a Letters journal, emphasis will be given to developing and emerging fields in applied physics. Examples of fields of current interest include:

  • Semiconductors, dielectrics, and organic materials
  • Photonics, quantum electronics, optics, and spectroscopy
  • Spintronics, superconductivity, and strongly correlated materials
  • Device physics including quantum information processing
  • Physics-based circuits and systems
  • Nanoscale science and technology
  • Crystal growth, surfaces, interfaces, thin films, and bulk materials
  • Plasmas, applied atomic and molecular physics, and applied nuclear physics
  • Device processing, fabrication and measurement technologies, and instrumentation
  • Cross-disciplinary areas such as bioelectronics/photonics, biosensing, environmental/energy technologies, and MEMS

Article Types

APEX welcomes submissions of the following article types:

  • Letters: letters should have high scientific quality and strong impact to current applied physics research.
    The maximum length of a Letter is 3200 words and five single-column width figures. An abstract of no more than 100 words should be provided. Other than this, Letters should not be divided into sections. Appropriate references should be listed; a typical Letter should include 30 or more appropriate references.
  • Comments: a comment paper includes the readers’ comments on papers already published in APEX. These are usually published with an associated reply.
    The maximum length of a comment is 1500 words and one single-column width figure. No abstract is required for a comment.

APEX also publishes the following invited only article types:

  • APEX Reviews: a review article which introduces emerging and fast-developing fields that will be of interest to the whole community. The article should be written as concisely as possible, although no limitation on length is specified.
  • Replies: published with, and in response to, a submitted comment, by the authors of the original APEX article.
    The maximum length of a reply is 1500 words and one single-column width figure. No abstract is required for a reply.

More information on article length limits, and guidance on writing your article can be found on our Author guidelines page.

Please note, a publication charge is required to publish most article types in APEX.

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