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Gender identity on ScholarOne: Why do we want this information?

We are committed to inclusivity within peer review and as such we periodically measure and report on the demographic profile of our author and reviewer groups. So that we can identify potential inequality and equity of opportunity, we are asking authors and reviewers to tell us more about themselves. You can choose not to tell us by selecting “Prefer not to say”, in which case your response will not be included in any reports we prepare. Data collected will only be reported at an aggregate level. We appreciate the terms used to describe gender identity can be problematic, and we have tried to be sensitive in our choice of language. We welcome feedback from the community on this and all our other initiatives to relating to inclusivity, so please do contact us with your comments.

Personal data regarding gender is not considered in any way when considering manuscripts for publication.  For more information on how we use your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy

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