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IOP Science

What happens after you have submitted your revised article?

Your revised article and response to the referees will normally be sent back to one or more of the referees (minor revisions may be checked by our in-house staff). At this point, the referee(s) may recommend acceptance of your paper, or request further revisions. If the referee(s) are not satisfied with the changes made or are unable to report on the revised manuscript, we may consult an Editorial Board Member. (Occasionally, if the referee(s) and Editorial Board are not satisfied with the changes made to a manuscript, it may still be rejected at this stage.) Once your article is deemed to be acceptable for publication, you will receive a ‘provisional acceptance’ letter. This will be followed by a ‘formal acceptance’ letter when we have received from you everything we need to proceed with publication of your article (including your source files, completed copyright form and any permissions if necessary).