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What are examples of open access policies which are incompatible with IOP's green open access policy?

Some examples are:

  1. If the policy requires the Final Published Version (rather than the Accepted Manuscript) to be deposited; or
  2. If the policy requires an open access or any form of Creative Commons licence to be attached to the Accepted Manuscript when depositing it in the repository which does not comply with its copyright status; or
  3. If the institution/university repository automatically attaches an open access or Creative Commons licence to the Accepted Manuscript which does not comply with its copyright status

The above list is intended to provide examples only. It is not a comprehensive list of how a policy could be incompatible with IOP’s green open access policy.

*Accepted Manuscripts of subscription articles published by IOP are either fully copyright protected or published under a  CC BY-NC-ND licence. To check the copyright status of the Accepted Manuscript, refer to the cover sheet attached by IOP Publishing.

For more information on open access policy waivers, why they are required, which Named Authors they apply to and how to request a waiver, please refer to this guidance on requesting open access policy waivers.