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IOP Science

Volunteering to be a journal reviewer

Would you like to peer review cutting edge science and contribute to the scholarly community?

If you already have experience of peer review, you can volunteer to review for our journals using this link.

Please note: All reviewers are carefully chosen by our editors, who balance experience levels, research interests, publication history, and volunteer status, among other factors. Volunteers are flagged in our system, but we cannot guarantee that you will be selected as a reviewer for one of our journals.

The quickest way to be invited to review a manuscript for IOP Publishing is to complete our free Peer Review Excellence online training course. The course takes 1–2 hours to complete and will provide you with the skills and confidence to be an excellent reviewer. You can read more about the Peer Review Excellence course here.


For more information about reviewing for IOP Publishing please visit our Publishing Support homepage for reviewers or see our Reviewer Guide.