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Video abstracts for ebooks

Video abstracts are an accompanying feature for IOP ebooks. Their aim, through video media, is to enable authors to go beyond the constraints of their written material to personally explain the importance of their work to the book’s global audience.  It is envisaged that video abstracts will provide an engaging and creatively presented overview of the book to potential readers and enhance a reader’s understanding and appreciation of a work. To maximize engagement and visibility, authors are encouraged to combine footage of themselves with other relevant material of interest—such as imagery, animations, footage of an experiment running or a lab tour.

In a video abstract you can demonstrate your experiments physically, illustrate complex theoretical phenomena through practical demonstrations, introduce viewers to the equipment and tools used in the field and engage with your audience in a more informal manner. If you have visual data such as simulations or animations, video abstracts are a good place to showcase them and explain their implications in real time. As such, your video should be engaging and interesting and offer viewers more than you could write in an abstract. The key is to be creative and make full use of the audio-visual medium. Full details on preparing a video abstract is provided in our ebooks video abstract guide.

If you did not create some of the content included in the video abstract or you have used previously published content, please ensure that you obtain permission from the copyright owner for IOP Publishing to publish the content. If you are using this content in the video abstract, as well as the ebook, please ensure you obtain permission for both types of use.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow any music to be used in our video abstracts or ebooks.