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Reviewing a draft ebook manuscript

During the preparation of a typescript, you may be contacted by the ebook editor to review a draft of the typescript or selected chapters. Your review will serve as a testimonial and add value to the ebook in assisting the author refine the coverage to best suit the need of readers.

As an expert on this selected material, the editors are seeking your overall impression of the content and appreciate any feedback on how to improve the work.

With the audience in mind, this review should focus on quality, scope, and presentation of the ebook material. IOP Publishing will work alongside the author or editor of the ebook in incorporate your suggestions. Please note this is strictly a content review and you will not be asked to edit for grammar, punctuation, or spelling as each manuscript has a full copy edit and proof read upon submission of the final files.

A tailored reader’s feedback form is provided, which asks for feedback on specific elements of the work. Key focus points while reviewing sample manuscript content are:


What is your take on presentation, value, and approachability for the intended audience?


Is the structure of the content appropriate?


Are all necessary topics included?


Are there weaknesses in the proposed content? If so, how can we improve upon this work before we publish the ebook?


It is important to adhere to the review submission date which your Editor will discuss with you upon invitation. Timely return of reviews of manuscripts will help to keep the manuscript on schedule and ensure we meet the set publication date promised to our audience.

If for some reason you are not able to complete the review, alternative names for potential reviewers are most helpful.