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IOP Science

Your ebook contract

After your book is approved for publication by our Publications Board, you will be contacted immediately by our editorial team. The agreement will be supplied via our electronic signing software. You are encouraged to read the agreement carefully and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. It is important to us that you are comfortable and secure with our publishing terms and process, and the contracted date for final manuscript submission.

Co-authors and co-editors

If you have co-authors or co-editors who will be receiving credit as author or editor on the cover of the book, they will also be required to sign the agreement. The agreement will define the previously agrees distribution of payments.

Contributing authors for edited books

If you are publishing an edited book with contributing chapter authors, each contributing author will also be asked to sign a separate contributor agreement form for their corresponding chapter(s). Please note the contributor agreements can be signed after the Editor agreement, but contributor agreement forms must be completed, signed, and delivered before or during submission of the final manuscript.