Do I need to obtain permission to use a figure from an article which was published under the gold open access model, under one of the Creative Commons licences?

No, if the licence the gold open access article was published under allows commercial reuse (you should check the full terms of the gold open access licence) and the figure is original to that article (e.g. is not referenced as being reused from elsewhere and is not labelled with a copyright notice). In general, permission will still be needed for use of material published under any licence incorporating the non-commercial ‘NC’ terms, as IOP is considered a commercial entity for these purposes. You can refer to this useful table for gold open access licences you should be able to use content from without requiring permission.

You must still ensure that you have cited the article the figure was taken from and the gold open access licence the figure was published under. Check the terms of the specific licence for full licence terms and attribution requirements. (See FAQ below: How should I cite material which I am reusing under a Creative Commons licence? for tips on labelling and citation guidelines.)