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Reviewing an ebook proposal

The reviewing stage of any proposal is key to ascertaining the quality, worth and potential of the ebook being proposed. As a specialist in the topic of an ebook proposal under consideration you may be approached by the ebook’s editor to provide feedback and your opinion on quality, relevance and scope of the book and how it fits in the wider ebook landscape. Your feedback  is used not only to assess the quality of proposal, but to provide constructive feedback to allow IOP to work with the author to develop and maximize the potential of every title

An ebook proposal review form tailored to IOP Publishing standards will be sent to reviewers to identify strengths and weaknesses of the proposal, proper book structure, and a series of questions to determine if the ebook proposal plan demonstrates to be a viable investment of IOP. Among the series of questions in the proposal review form, the most important are:


Has the author properly assessed a need for this ebook and addressed it with quality, clarity, and organization of the material presented?


What is the technical level of this ebook?


Is the author's coverage of the topic adequate?


What are strengths of the proposed ebook? What are weaknesses of this proposed ebook and how can we improve and strengthen this work?


Is the author qualified to write this ebook? Are you familiar with the author's work?


Is the author aware of any competing books?


What is your general overview of the proposal and do you support publication?

It is important to note that IOP Publishing is an international ebook publisher adhering to a global audience. We seek reviews from all regions of the world to ensure the ebook will appeal to our worldwide readership. This includes possible reviews from North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.


It is important to adhere to the review submission date which your Editor will discuss with you upon invitation. Timely return of reviews  assists the author and IOP in developing  and assessing the project.

If for some reason you are not able to complete the review, alternative names for potential reviewers are most helpful.