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Plasma Sources Science and Technology: 2017 Reviewer Awards

Reviewer of the Year: Professor Jon Tomas Gudmundsson, University of Iceland, Iceland

Professor Gudmundsson is professor of Physics and a Guest Professor at the Department of Space and Plasma Physics, KTH-Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm Sweden. His research spans various low pressure discharges, including capacitively coupled discharges, inductively coupled discharges, magnetron sputtering discharges, Hall thrusters etc., which he has explored experimentally and with modeling work, which includes volume averaged global models and particle-in-cell Monte Carlo simulations. He also studies thin film deposition and characterization.

Outstanding Reviewers

Dr Yangyang Fu, Michigan State University, United States
Professor Steven Girshick, University of Minnesota, United States
Professor Yuri Golubovskii, St Petersburg University, Russian Federation
Dr Alan Howling, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Dr Michael Johnson, Naval Research Laboratory, United States
Professor Yakov Krasik, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Dr Dmitry Levko, The University of Texas at Austin, United States
Professor Tiberiu Minea, Universite de Paris-Sud, France
Dr Andrei Pipa, Leibniz Institut fuer Plasmaforschung und Technologie, Germany
Dr A. Ricard, Toulouse University, France
Dr Naoki Shirai, Hokkaido Daigaku, Japan
Dr Milan Šimek, Institute of Plasma Physics, v.v.i., Czech Republic
Dr Andrey Starikovskiy, Princeton University, United States
Dr Erik Wagenaars, University of York, UK
Dr Oleg Zatsarinny, Drake University, United States