Open Access in Egypt

IOP Publishing (IOP) and the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) have come to an agreement which enables researchers to publish their work on an open access basis at no additional cost in all of IOP’s fully open access  journals. The agreement covers 50 articles during 2020, which is anticipated to cover all eligible research articles in these titles. If these 50 are exceeded, eligible authors are entitled to a 50% discount on the standard APC.

All corresponding (submitting) authors from Egyptian Institutions can publish in gold open access journals open access without barriers, without additional cost, and be certain that they comply to any open access requirement. Research articles (letters, papers and special issue articles) accepted for publication after 1 Jan 2020 are eligible and IOP will automatically identify qualifying articles and inform authors of their inclusion.

How to take advantage of the agreement

This process applies to all primary research article types: Letters, Papers and Special Issue articles published in fully gold open access journals.

1. Submission
The corresponding (submitting) author must be affiliated with an Egyptian Institution. When you submit your article please supply your affiliation clearly in the article submission form and in the article itself.

2. Identification
If your article is identified you will be notified during the peer-review process, and your paper will automatically be included under the agreement.

3. Acceptance and Publication
Your paper will be published open access under a CC-BY license at no cost to you. You can share it as you wish and the article will comply with funder mandates.

If you have not been alerted before your article is accepted or wish to query your eligibility, please contact the journal or to ensure that your work is included in the arrangement, otherwise you may be charged for the APC.

Eligible journals

All gold open access journals are covered, including:

Environmental Research Communications
Environmental Research Letters
IOP SciNotes
Journal of Physics Communications
Journal of Physics: Complexity
Journal of Physics: Energy
Journal of Physics: Materials
Journal of Physics: Photonics
Machine Learning: Science and Technology
Materials for Quantum Technology
Materials Research Express
Nano Express
New Journal of Physics

Please note that hybrid journals are not included in this agreement.