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Journal of Micromechanics & Microengineering: 2016 Reviewer Awards

Reviewer of the Year: Dr Zoltan Fekete, Institute for Technical Physics & Material Science, Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

A bioengineer, Dr Zoltan Fekete finds high-quality review articles useful for his own work. His research interest lies in the micro- and nanofabrication of implantable systems for neuroscience applications; and it is essential for Dr Fekete to keep up with advances in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

Seeking to discover new approaches in the design of specific cell–device interfaces, he is especially interested in papers on novel sensing principles, fabrication schemes and biological sensor testing.

Dr Fekete is a regular reviewer and finds it particularly satisfying when authors are happier with their proposed manuscript after it has been revised. His approach to the process is to first identify the paper’s research highlights. Authors are generally looking to add novel ideas or discoveries to current literature, he says, and by focusing on the research results, reviewers might be more motivated to help present the work more clearly.

As for the peer review process itself, Dr Fekete would like to see the reviewer database regularly maintained so that editors have ready access to competent and appropriate reviewers.

Dr Fekete feels honoured to have been selected for this award. For him, it signals an important milestone and could pave the way for reviewers to become members of editorial boards, should they wish to do so in the long-term.

Outstanding Reviewers:

  • Dr Steve Arscott, Institut d’Electronique de Microelectronique et de Nanotechnologie (IEMN), France
  • Dr Anirban Basu, Northeastern University, United States
  • Mr R Brookhuis, University of Twente, Netherlands
  • Dr Zhizhao Che, Imperial College London, China
  • Dr Lingxin Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences – Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, China
  • Dr Paul Chiarot, State University New York – Binghamton, United States
  • Professor Myung-Suk Chun, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea
  • Dr Ali Gökhan Demir, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Mr Huixu Deng, Missouri University of Science and Technology, United States
  • Dr Gökhan Ergin, Dantec Dynamics A/S, Denmark
  • Dr Luis Fonseca, IMB-CNM CSIC, Spain
  • Professor Patrick Gane, Omya International AG and Aalto University, Switzerland
  • Dr Tyler Harrison, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Dr Xin Heng, University of Texas, Arlington, United States
  • Professor Amy Herr, University of California – Berkeley, United States
  • Dr Yoshikazu Hirai, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Dr David Huber, SRI International, United States
  • Mr Jeongmoo Huh, KAIST, Republic of Korea
  • Professor Anne-Marie Kietzig, McGill University, Canada
  • Mr Yoontae Kim, Drexel University, United States
  • Professor Tsu-Jae King, University of California – Berkeley, United States
  • Dr George Kokkoris, National Centre for Scientific Research ‘Demokritos’, Greece
  • Dr Michael Kraft, Universite de Liege, Belgium
  • Dr Frieder Lucklum, University of Bremen, Germany
  • Dr Mangirdas Malinauskas, Vilnius University, Lithuania
  • Dr Anastassios Mavrokefalos, University of Houston, United States
  • Dr Nicolaie Moldovan, Advanced Diamond Technologies Inc., United States
  • Dr Ludovic Noels, University of Liege, Belgium
  • Professor Mark Sheplak, University of Florida, United States
  • Dr Joshua Small, University of California – Davis, United States
  • Dr Suhas Somnath, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States
  • Dr Stephan Sylvest Keller, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  • Professor Shuji Tanaka, Tohoku University, Japan
  • Dr R Tiggelaar, University of Twente, Netherlands
  • Professor Guido Tosello, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  • Mr Leo Tse, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, United States
  • Dr Maaike M. Visser Taklo, SINTEF, Norway
  • Dr Rafał Walczak, Wrocław University of Technology, Poland
  • Dr Xiao Wang, Harvard Medical School, United States
  • Dr Yong-Kyu Yoon, University of Florida, United States
  • Professor Chee Yue, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore