IOP Conference Series publication procedure

Overview of the publication procedure

The following notes provide a summary of the IOP Conference Series publishing process.

  1. Submit a quote request online, or contact us directly with details of the conference.
  2. The IOP Conference Series team will review the details of your conference and write to confirm if we can offer a proceedings publishing contract. After any further discussions we will send you a draft publishing agreement that will contain all the details and terms of publication.
  3. The organizers must inform authors of the IOP Proceedings Licence.
  4. Authors submit their papers to the conference organizers who manage the peer review. Once review of the papers is completed the conference organizers submit the final papers to IOP Conference Series in one batch. Papers submitted to us must be PDFs and must be in their final form ready for publication (as we do not edit or proofread papers after they are submitted to us). Please ensure that all changes have been approved by authors prior to the PDFs being submitted to IOP Publishing.
  5. Papers should be submitted to us via FTP ( using the account details recorded in the publishing agreement.
  6. On submission of the manuscripts, organizers should also return a completed questionnaire. The interactive questionnaire can be downloaded here.
  7. Production and publication. We will process the PDFs into a format suitable for publication and upload them to our pre-publication servers. The communicating editor will be sent a username and password to access that server to make a final check of the proceedings before they go live. Please note the following important points:
    • Once a paper has been published online, changes will only be permitted in cases of serious scientific error. In those cases, an erratum or corrigendum will be published according to the practices of professional scientific publishing.
    • Changes resulting from stylistic issues cannot be made to proceedings once they are published, so it is important that authors and organizers ensure papers have been adequately checked and proofed prior to submission.
  8. Upon publication we will write to authors (who have supplied an e-mail address) informing them of publication and provide them with the URL of their paper.
  9. Printed copies (if applicable) will be prepared and shipped shortly after the online publication of the articles. The communicating editor will be supplied with PDF proofs of the cover.