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IOP Science

FAQ's for librarians

How can we find out what has been published under our agreement?
IOPP provides quarterly reports of all articles published under the agreement, complete with relevant metadata.

Customers with access to the OA Switchboard can also monitor their open access publications through their OA Switchboard’s ‘reporting made easy’ service.

What happens if an article is missed? 
In the unlikely case that an article that should have been made open access under the agreement was missed, we will quickly investigate. We will contact the author to request they sign a CC-BY license, which is required before the article can be made open. We will also re-check our identification process. We will make every reasonable effort to correct the error promptly.

Can IOPP include an acknowledgement of the transformative agreement funding on the published articles?
IOPP’s agreement allows the author to mention transformative agreement funding text in their own articles at the author’s discretion.

Where can I find a list of journals that are included in the transformative agreement?
The included journals can be found in your license agreement/proposal. They can also be found on our website here.

Does IOPP provide support during the transformative agreement term?
IOPP’s dedicated staff will work with you to provide resources to help make your agreement a success, and can provide resources including a library toolkit and training workshops.

What happens if an author opts out of publishing open access under the agreement?
If an author opts out, we will make every effort to inform our library partner in case they wish to make direct contact with that author to understand their reasons.