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Expanding a conference proceedings paper for journal publication

Physica Scripta welcomes the submission of appropriately expanded, archival quality versions of papers that have been published in the proceedings of recent symposia, workshops and conferences. This is an opportunity for authors to formally publish new material and/or results that may not have been possible to include within the restrictive short form of a proceedings article.

To meet the publication requirements of Physica Scripta, the submission of an expanded conference paper must represent the mature and definitive archival report of the research and include all of the necessary background details to enable others to replicate the results and fully understand the methodology/techniques used.

As a guide, authors must ensure that they comply with the following requirements in preparing their expanded conference paper for formal submission to Physica Scripta:

  • The submission must conform to the scope of the journal and display scientific rigour as well as originality beyond previously published work in the field. You can check the scope on the journal homepage.
  • The submission must be expanded to include new results and/or accompanying material to the earlier conference paper in compliance with the journal’s acceptance criteria, which you can find on the journal homepage. The expectation is that the submission includes at least 30% new and original material beyond what has previously been published.
  • The submission must clearly disclose the earlier proceedings publication by providing a full reference to the conference paper in the introduction, including the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), and a complete summary of the additional technical contributions.
  • The submission must have a different title and abstract to the earlier conference paper.
  • The submission must be accompanied by a cover letter that discloses the earlier conference paper and specifies the additional results and/or material that have been included. This is critical information to enable our reviewers and editors to judge whether the proposed new technical contributions are sufficient to justify publication.
  • The submission must comply with IOP Publishing’s data availability policy. Please note that this policy requires authors to include a data availability statement in their article.

All expanded conference paper submissions are peer-reviewed in line with the standard process and editorial requirements of the journal. Submissions that do not conform with all of the above guidelines will not be considered for publication. All papers should be submitted for full peer review via the journal’s submission system.

Further details about publishing in Physica Scripta can be found on the journal homepage.