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IOP Science

The Electrochemical Society (ECS)

Named Authors’ Rights (ECS hybrid journals) – Version dated 19 March 2021

1         ECS and IOP grant the Named Authors the rights specified in paragraphs 2 and 4 which must be exercised solely for non- commercial purposes. ECS and IOP also grant the Named Authors the right contained in paragraph 5, which is the right to reuse their original figures in subsequent publications. Where possible, any use in accordance with the rights specified in paragraphs 2, 4 and 5 must display citation information and ECS’ copyright notice, and, for electronic use, best efforts must be made to include a link to the online abstract in the journal.

Exercise of the rights in this paragraph 2 may use the peer reviewed, edited, formatted and typeset version of the Article including any tagging, indexing and other enhancements published by ECS and IOP (“Final Published Version”).

2        The rights are to:

  • make copies of the Final Published Version (all or part) for teaching purposes;
  • include the Final Published Version (all or part) in a research thesis or dissertation provided it is not then published commercially; and
  • make oral presentation of the Final Published Version (all or part) and include a summary and/or highlights of it in papers distributed at such presentations or in conference proceedings.

The Named Authors retain all proprietary rights in the Article other than copyright.

3        Exercise of the rights referred to in paragraph 4 must not use the Final Published Version and extend only to the version of the Article accepted for publication including all changes made as a result of the peer review process, and which may also include the addition to the article by IOP of a header, an article ID, a cover sheet and/or an ‘Accepted Manuscript’ watermark, but excluding any other editing, typesetting or other changes made by ECS and IOP (the “Accepted Manuscript”) and must be accompanied by the following statement of provenance:

‘This is the Accepted Manuscript version of an article accepted for publication in [NAME OF JOURNAL].  The Electrochemical Society and IOP Publishing Ltd are not responsible for any errors or omissions in this version of the manuscript or any version derived from it.  The Version of Record is available online at [insert DOI].

4        Additional rights of the Named Authors are to:

4.1     Use the Accepted Manuscript (all or part) without modification in personal compilations of the Named Authors’ own works (provided not created by a third party publisher); and

4.2     Include the Accepted Manuscript (all or part) on the Named Authors’ own Personal Website(s), institutional website(s), repositories, Scientific Social Networks and third party websites provided that this is fully in accordance with the Author Rights set out at the following url on the date of submission of the agreement.

5        In addition to the rights granted in paragraphs 2 and 4 above, ECS and IOP also grant the Named Authors the right to reuse, without further permission, their original figures, tables, and text extracts of no more than 400 words, in future published works of which they are an author. When reusing content in this way, the Named Authors must display adequate citation information and ECS’s copyright notice. This information is necessary in order to show where any reuse requests should be directed and to avoid any suggestion of self-plagiarism.