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IOP Science

ebook cover design

Introducing our design and branding values

Strong design values are one of the strategies IOP has developed to promote and support our publishing activities. By increasing brand awareness and visibility, IOP strives to help our authors stand out in a crowded, ubiquitous market place, both in print and digital. We offer a unique competitive advantage with our own in-house design department, promoting a strong design culture within the organisation and beyond. Our design studio has evolved into a highly effective design force within the STM sector—we see design as one of the key components of publishing, in both editorial and marketing activities, and a strong offering to help authors promote their work within the scientific community.

Design implementation
Each book is designed to fulfill its individual requirements, delivering a design solution to best respond to its specialist scope and audience. But we also think of our design holistically—in addressing both the detail and the bigger picture, we consider its opportunities within the wider marketing and editorial context of our ebooks programme.

Our design strategy cascades through to marketing communication, both in print and online, where a book cover design is implemented for adverts, leaflets/brochures, exhibition presence, etc. We make the visual work hard both as an individual piece of communication and within the context of promoting it at a series or collection level.

It is important to emphasise how our ebooks are implemented across media and platforms, and expand from the traditional model of book publishing. An ebook exists primarily in digital form while its print-on-demand version is generally produced in smaller quantities. In terms of design and branding, the visual approach we have developed aims to best portray our programme in digital form, where our covers are primarily promoted as small thumbnail images and digital covers on tablets.
Cover creation
During the production stage, our in-house design studio will also be drafting a unique and beautiful IOP Publishing-branded book cover. This cover will be graphically designed by an IOPP studio specialist to ensure your book will be noticed in the marketplace and complement our book program. Our design technique greatly impacts the exposure of your book.