Checklist for anonymizing your manuscript for double-blind peer review on IOP journals


Do not include author names or affiliations anywhere in the manuscript, or in any Supplementary Information files (or in any file names).


Provide a separate title page giving all the author names and affiliations (when you reach the 'File Upload' stage on submission, please choose the file designation 'Title Page').


Do not include any author names in the Acknowledgments section in the manuscript on submission (though please do include information about funding). Author names can be added to the Acknowledgments section after completion of the peer review process.


Do not include work in the reference list that has not yet been accepted for publication.


When referring to your own work within the paper, avoid using terminology that might reveal your identity (e.g. avoid phrases such as 'we have previously shown (reference)').


Do not sign rebuttals at revision stage with author names, nor appeals.