Checking the proofs of your journal article

You will be contacted by email when the proof of your article is ready for you to check.

You should check your proof carefully and return corrections using the web page provided. This is the most efficient way to send them to us. Please supply an annotated PDF file using the strikethrough, replacement text and insert text functions. For other changes, please add a sticky note. Please ensure all changes are visible via the ‘Comments’ list in the annotated PDF so that your corrections are not missed. Alternatively, you can supply a list of changes that clearly indicates where amendments are required.

Please do not resupply a new source file because it is difficult to identify corrections and some could be missed.

The ultimate responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of the published article rests with you, the author. If you are likely to be absent during the proof review period then please let us know so that we can contact your co-authors (if applicable) or extend the deadline accordingly. In the unlikely event that we do not hear from you for a prolonged period, we may publish the article without your corrections.

When checking your proof, you should take particular care to check the mathematics, tables and references. Only essential corrections should be made at this stage. You should provide new files if figures need correction. You should check the accuracy of your original diagrams very carefully before submission; we cannot accept responsibility for any errors in original diagrams.