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Can I opt out of Accepted Manuscripts?

For most researchers there is no reason to opt out of this process. However, researchers planning promotional activity, like a press release, either with us or their institution, may wish to opt out to maintain the traditional embargo period for journalists. Also, researchers currently engaging in IP or patent applications may wish to opt out of accepted manuscripts. Authors who wish to opt out can select ‘No’ when answering the following question in the submission form:

Accepted Manuscripts

Author manuscripts are made available on IOPscience within 24 hours of acceptance. At this point, the manuscript will be made available on the journal’s website with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and will be fully citable. For more information about our accepted manuscript policy please refer to our accepted manuscripts FAQs.

Would you like your accepted manuscript to be made available online within 24 hours of acceptance?

Before the article is accepted, authors can contact the journal to change their selection. However, as soon as the article is accepted the process will be automatic, so whichever option has been selected up to that point will be immediately applied and cannot be changed.