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Can I include multimedia elements in my ebook?

Yes, in fact we encourage the use of multimedia throughout our ebooks, so long as it enriches the content. These can range from embedded video clips interactive figures, and animations, to video abstracts, lectures, and author webinars. Multimedia is supported across all our digital publication formats (ePub3, PDF, HTML, and MOBI) where possible, and embedded within the book for an enhanced reader experience. Please see our Author Handbook for further details on how to prepare these files, or speak to one of our editors about your ideas for including multimedia content in your book.

If you did not create the multimedia content yourself or you have used previously published content, please ensure that you obtain permission from the copyright owner for IOP Publishing to publish the content. If you are using the multimedia content in ancillary materials, as well as the ebook, please ensure you obtain permission for both types of use.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow any music to be used in our ebooks.