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Aline Ramires, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Aline RamiresAline’s research, Nonunitary superconductivity in complex quantum materials was published open access in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter under the transformative agreement with the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries.

How easy was it to publish open access under the transformative agreement?
To be honest, I do not remember the details. I think this means that there was no particular difficulty.

Why do you think it’s important to be able to publish open access?
I think open access is fundamental. Coming from a developing country, as a student I faced the pay-barrier multiple times while looking for scientific articles. I remember perceiving it as a strong message: “I am not part of the international scientific community.”

What are the next steps for your research?
My current research focuses on unconventional superconductors. We aim at a better understanding the behaviour of known materials and at the engineering of novel systems with useful properties for technological applications.