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IOP Science

How to check for existing access to IOP Science

IOP Science is IOP Publishing’s platform for accessing journal content. In most cases, access to articles will already be in place.

Your affiliated university or institution may provide you with access to the content you wish to view on IOPscience. If you are unsure on whether your institution has access or not we recommend the following steps:

Use the ‘Access through your institution’ button

Instructions on how to Access IOP Science through your institution

This feature appears on the paywall panel for an article or book.  When selected, you will be able to search for your affiliated university or institution.  Should you successfully discover your affiliated institution within our ‘Where Are You From’ service, and you have login details provided by that organisation, please access with these credentials through your institution’s login page.  Authorized access to the content will be available should your institution currently subscribes or licenses the content on IOPscience.

What if my institution does not appear in the Where Are You From service or the service is not available?

Your institution may not support this access method on IOPscience.  However, you may still be able to get access through your university or institution from your current location using the remote access methods supported.  If you are unsure on how to access please contact your library team or electronic resources coordinator for assistance.

Contact your librarian or e-resources coordinator

If you are not sure on whether you are entitled to access through your university or institution or do not know how to access from your current location, we recommend contacting your university or institution’s Library/E-Resources Team for assistance.

If you do not know who to contact and require our assistance please contact the Subscriptions Team (