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Author and reviewer services roadmap

IOP Publishing is continuously developing and improving the services that we provide to researchers. We want to create a conversation between researchers and our teams so that we can give back to the research community by providing services and websites that are based on your feedback.

We feel that creating a roadmap that you can see and interact with is one way to promote that conversation.

We made this roadmap to give the research community an insight into what we’re working on, what we’re about to work on, and what we’re thinking about working on! We hope you find this useful and interesting.

The image you can see above is a snapshot in time of the roadmap (at the end of October 2018). If you want to see the most up to date version either click on the image or visit the live version here:

IOP Publishing author and reviewer services roadmap on Trello

The live version on Trello is interactive so you can Vote and Comment on features that we have planned. We really want to hear what you think.

How does this roadmap work?

There are four columns or lists:

  1. Backlog,
  2. Planning,
  3. In Progress, and
  4. Recently completed.

I’ll explain each a bit below.

The tags on each item will show you which high-level goal the feature / service / enhancement applies to. Use the menu to the right if you’d like to filter by your favorite: Peer review improvements, Production improvement, Overall customer experience etc.

What does each list mean?


This is a list of interesting ideas. We haven’t committed to them yet, but we’re eager to know what you think and potentially get you involved with testing them out!


A list of ideas we’re researching and we are planning to start developing soon.

In Progress

A list of things under construction!

Recently completed

Improvements / features / services you can see and use on one of our existing websites or services. There is usually a link so you can take a look and let us know what you think in the comments!

Getting in contact

If you interested in any of the items on our roadmap and would like to get involved in early product and user research, service testing or just want to give us some feedback then please send us a message.

My name is Alex Richardson and I am a Customer Experience Architect and would love to hear from you at

I will do my best to respond to your messages.

If you have an urgent query related to the publishing process then please contact the journal team directly.

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